Print Services

Window Graphics:

IJ40 -114 & 124: This graphic is a gloss & matte -laminate that has up to 5 years of vertical durability.

Digitac E-Stat: This can be either a white or clear gloss PVC self-clinging film which will cling to smooth, flat and dry surfaces. This product works on static electricity which means that there will be no adhesive residue left behind once the product is removed. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Digitac Popdot: This is a matte-white vinyl with a dot patterned removable adhesive. This product has bubblefree installation with no tools or liquid required for application.

LG SPB014G: This is a gloss white vinyl which has removeable adhesive with a double-sided coated liner This product is perfect for promotional graphics as it has excellent dimensional stability and performance under an array of climatic conditions.

Yupo Octopus XAD1069: This is a synthetic paper that will stick to smooth and flat surfaces. There is no residue left as it uses a micro-suction technology to adhere to the surfaces. It can be used on electronic devices as there is no magnet or static electricity used. It is a reusable graphic and has an indefinite lifespan.


If you have any queries about these graphics, please head to our enquiries page and we will get back to you as soon as we can