Print Services


Gloss Poster Paper 225: This poster offers supreme image definition on an ultra-white surface. This can be used for posters or photo prints.

Blockout Film 170: This is a matte-white blockout film that is perfect for posters or portable banner systems. It contains a tear resistant material and prints on the outside of the roll. Offers a one side printable side with a white reverse.

Blockout Film 190: This poster is a tear resistant matte white 190gsm film which is suitable for double sidedposters or portable banner systems.

2S Blockout 205: This matte-white blockout film is a tear resistant material that offers double sided printing with 985 opacity.

Satin Poster Paper 225: Suitable for applications on posters, exhibition graphics or photo prints. It has an ultra-white surface which allows for premium image definition.

Lustre Photopaper 250: This is an ultra-white photopaper contains a large colour gamut with a lightly textured surface which enhances the pin sharp detail


If you have any queries about these graphics, please head to our enquiries page and we will get back to you as soon as we can