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60 Years of Holden - Terry Bebbington

60 Years of Holden - Terry Bebbington

60 Years of Holden builds on the success of its best selling predecessors (45 and 50 Years of Holden), bringing together vast amounts of technical information and specifications on the 100 model series that Holden has produced since it began manufacturing.

Beginning with Holden’s pre-1948 history, this book charts Holden’s course in Australia, with every model from the 48-215 to the current VE Commodore.

60 Years of Holden will become a reference for years to come. The sheer volume of detailed specifications makes this a unique source of all things Holden.

  • 352 pages
  • printed in colour
  • Size: 214 x 286 mm
  • Hard Cover
  • ISBN: 187695358-6
  • Barcode: 9 78187 953584 -
  • RRP :$59.95 inc GST

    Book No: 53586 -

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Summernats - Jon VanDaal

Summernats - Jon VanDaal

The Summernats is one of the world’s great automotive events — a unique blend of unbridled horsepower, exceptional automotive artistry, superior craftsmanship and great fun.

Jon Van Daal takes us on a nitrous-fuelled trip looking at the Summernats from its inception, and how it has progressed over the years. Every aspect is covered — incredible events, amazing stunts, beautiful women, burnouts, cruising, spectacular entertainment, the crowning of the champions... and lots and lots of cars.

Go behind the scenes with promoter Chic Henry and his hard working staff. With nearly 2,000 cars and well over 100,000 spectators, the Summernats is one of the biggest motoring events on the Australian calendar.

As your eyes wander from page to page, you can almost smell the burnout smoke and hear the engines scream.

Experience the atmosphere and excitement of Australia’s number one horsepower party.

Soft Cover
ISBN 187695355 1
Price :$39.95 inc GST
Part No: 534551

Hard Cover
ISBN 187695356 X
Price :$59.95 inc GST
Part No: 53456X

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Bob Watson In Control

Bob Watson In Control

Bob Watson has a deep and undiminished passion for driving, and rallying in particular, that has taken him further, faster and to more fascinating places than most Australians. As an automotive development engineer, rally and race driver – and in more recent years as the organiser of many iconic motoring events — Bob has conquered race tracks and goat tracks, from Bathurst to Birdsville and from Tanzania to Tasmania, in a great variety of vehicles. Along the way he has shared his passion with many fascinating characters, all of whom come to life through Bob’s entertaining narrative in this riveting account of a life behind the wheel.

While many circuit racing drivers have sought to tell their tales, this is a rare insight into the little seen world of rallying, marathon and long distance driving by one of Australia’s most decorated and personable motorsport identities. Watson is well qualifi ed to describe this adventure side of motor sport, having won an Australian and four Victorian rally championships and numerous International rallies in Australia, while also competing with success in major events overseas.

  • 176 pages
  • mono with colour section
  • soft cover
  • ISBN 187695353 5

Price :$39.95 inc GST

Book No: 53535

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Spitfire Manual 1936 onwards

Spitfire Manual 1936 onwards (all marks)

By: Alfred Price & Paul Blackah

An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary World War 2 fighter

The legendary Supermarine Spitfire receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force. Here is a unique perspective on what it takes to own, restore and operate a Spitfire, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane. Presented mainly in colour, this highly detailed and attractively designed book is based around the restoration of the Spitfire Mk XVI at RAF Coningsby.

"It is the book DIY fanatics wanting to service their own World War II Spitfire have been waiting for" Western Daily Press

"Fascinating text, complemented by numerous technical drawings, cutaways and photographs" Model Flying

"A wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane" Club Lotus

"This book is a masterpiece" Historic Military Vehicles

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm,
  • 160 pages,
  • 150 colour & 30 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844254620

RRP :$49.50 inc GST

Book No: H4462

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Messerschmitt Bf109 Manual

Messerschmitt Bf109 Manual

Paul Blackah & Malcolm Lowe

The Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Bf109 single-seat fighter was the main combat adversary of the RAF's Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. This sister volume to the acclaimed Spitfire Manual covers the history of the Bf109, restoration to flight, the views of owners, pilots and engineers, and operating and servicing insights. Data boxes cover Bf109 facts and figures, plus interviews with Luftwaffe pilots and modern-day owner-pilots. Illustrated with a mix of specially commissioned colour and archive photographs, the Bf109 Manual also includes illustrations from Luftwaffe official wartime servicing manuals, and coverage of restoration projects in the UK and overseas.

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm,
  • 160 pages,
  • 150 colour & 100 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844256426

RRP :$49.50 inc GST

Book No: H4642

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Lancaster Manual

Lancaster Manual

An insight into restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary World War 2 bomber

The legendary Avro Lancaster receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force. Here is a unique perspective on what it takes to restore and operate a Lancaster, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane. Presented mainly in colour, this highly detailed and attractively designed book is based primarily around the major overhaul of the Battle of Britain Flight Lancaster at RAF Coningsby.

"A wonderful insight into the construction, engineering and flying of this remarkable aircraft" Flypast

The incredibly detailed cutaway drawings alone kept us fascinated for hours" Classic Car Mart

For anyone interested in the iconic Lancaster, this book is a must" Royal Air Force News

Lots of workshop stripdown pics, it's ideal for boys of all ages" Octane

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm,
  • 160 pages,
  • 150 colour & 30 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844254637

RRP :$49.50 inc GST

Book No: H4463

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De Havilland Tiger Moth Manual

De Havilland Tiger Moth Manual

An insight into owning, flying and maintaining the legendary British training biplane

Stephen Slater and Stuart McKay OBE

The De Havilland Tiger Moth biplane is an iconic and instantly recognisable aircraft. It is also one of a handful of planes that attracts the widest possible recognition outside the specialist group. Of nearly 10,000 built, it is thought that more than 1,000 Tiger Moths still survive over six decades on, and over half remain airworthy. They are also affordable classic aircraft at £40-50,000 for an airworthy example. The authors take a close look at the construction of the Tiger Moth, acquiring and restoring an example, owning and flying one, and the engineer’s view of keeping it all running and airworthy.

Key content

  • The latest classic aircraft to be given the Haynes Manual treatment.
  • Fascinating insight into owning, restoring, flying and maintaining a Tiger Moth.
  • One of a handful of iconic aircraft that is known worldwide.
  • Fully endorsed by the De Havilland Moth Club.

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm
  • 160pp,
  • 150 colour & 75 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 1 84425 586 7
  • EAN/ISBN-13: 978 1 84425 586 3
  • UPC: 6 99414 00877 3

RRP :$49.50 inc GST

Book No: H4586

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NASA Apollo 11 Manual

NASA Apollo 11 Manual

An insight into the hardware from the first manned mission to land on the moon.

By: Christopher Riley & Philip Dolling

On 20 July 1969, US astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. This is the story of the Apollo 11 mission and the ‘space hardware’ that made it all possible. This manual looks at the evolution and design of the mighty Saturn V rocket, the Command and Service Modules, and the Lunar Module. It describes the space suits worn by the crew and their special life support and communications systems. We learn about how the Apollo 11 mission was flown - from launch procedures to ‘flying’ the Saturn V and the ‘LEM’, and from moon walking to the earth re-entry procedure.

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm
  • 176 pages
  • 220 colour & 125 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844256839

RRP :$49.50 inc GST

Book No: H4683

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Thomas the Tank Engine Manual

Thomas the Tank Engine Manual

By: Chris Oxlade

Aimed at the 3-7 age group, this innovative book applies the Haynes treatment to one of the most popular children’s characters. Inspired by the world-famous Haynes manuals, this book explains how Thomas works, how his driver operates him, and how the engineers of the Sodor railway keep him in tip-top condition. Some of Thomas’s friends also feature, with Henry’s overhaul, for example, offering the chance for young readers to see how a steam engine is taken apart and refitted. This brightly designed book will delight children and parents alike.

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm
  • 40 pages
  • 100 colour illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844258352

RRP :$29.95 inc GST

Book No: H4835

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Fender Telecaster Manual

Fender Telecaster Manual

How to buy, maintain and set up the world’s first production electric guitar

By: Paul Balmer

In series with the best-selling manuals on the Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul electric guitars, this manual covers the Telecaster in detail, explaining how to maintain it, set it up to get the best sound, and repair it when things go wrong or damage occurs. Originally introduced in 1950 as the Broadcaster, the Telecaster was the first production electric guitar and remains one of the most popular. Superbly illustrated and designed, this manual includes case studies of key models - everything from a 1948 prototype to a 2008 ‘closet classic’ - but also gives appropriate attention to today’s affordable Squier versions.

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm
  • 192 pages
  • 550 colour illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844256747

RRP :$49.95 inc GST

Book No: H4674

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Piano Manual

Piano Manual

Buying, problem-solving, care, repair and tuning

By: Graham Barker & John Bishop

Aimed at everyone with an interest in pianos, amateurs and professionals alike, this is a thorough but highly readable technical guide to the world’s most influential musical instrument. Most people, even competent pianists, have no idea how a piano works, yet understanding a piano’s truly remarkable technology can greatly increase the pleasure of owning and playing one. Even though the most humble upright has thousands of working parts, this innovative manual explains how straightforward it can be to maintain and improve a piano’s performance.

"A thorough, but highly readable technical guide" Mi PRO

  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm
  • 200 pages
  • 396 colour & 2 b&w illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781844254859

RRP :$49.95 inc GST

Book No: H4485

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Speedways Sensational Sixties

Speedway Sensational Sixties: The Deadliest Decade

by Tony Loxley

Australian Speedway in the Sixties was huge. Tracks would pull up to 30,000 fans into their stands. There was live television coverage, and the print media regularly gave the sport front page news exposure.

Drivers such as Stuart, Freeman, Tattersall, Shepherd, Goode, Brock and Bonython, possessed showmanship like no other and were in essence, a promoters delight. They put their lives on the line, week in, week out, with many suffering near fatal crashes at one time or another during their careers.

In his latest book, Tony Loxley has painstakingly selected and accurately captioned hundreds of classic photographs from this magical era of Australian speedway. Many photographs have never before been published.

While this book will be a must for speedway fans enjoying a methanol-fuelled trip down memory lane, it also gives the speedway uninitiated, and those too young to remember, an insight into what the period was like- the characters, the cars, the thrills, the dangers.

This book brings speedways deadliest decade to life.

Paperback, Color Cover, Mono Content, over 300 B&W images

160 Pages

Part No: BP53319

Price :RRP $39.95

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Sidescreen TRs

Sidescreen TRs

In 1953 Triumph released a brand new two seater roadster which they named the TR2. In a market dominated by British cars, this newcomer soon established itself amongst other marque's such as MG, Morgan, Jaguar and Austin Healey, in what is considered the golden age of British sports cars.

With a genuine top speed of over 100 miles per hour, the RS's 1991cc engine mated to a four speed transmission with optional overdrive proved to be strong and reliable, winning not only races, but an enthusiastic following that kept the TR range in production right up to 1981.

This book focuses on the motoring history of the sidescreen TR from 1952 to 1962 in Australia. From when Sir John Black conceived the first model and brought it to market through a company more famous at that time for building the Ferguson Light-weight tractor, to the end of an era, this book will no doubt please any sports car enthusiast.

Great information on:

Full Colour throughout- 184 Pages in full colour, Hardback Author- Graeme White

Part No: BP53454

Price :$65.00

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The Boss

The Boss: The Brett Stevens Story

by Jon Van Daal

This full colour, soft back publication follows the life and times to date of Bret Stevens, one of Australia's most decorated drag racers. From his youth growing up in a racing sport family, to his achievement of National Drag Racing champion, this title covers all aspects of his career.

Written by Traction Action author Jon Van Daal, this book would be a must have for every drag race enthusiast.

96 pages, Full Colour, Soft Cover

Part No: 53485

Price :$29.95

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Subaru Performance Handbook

Subaru Performance Handbook: Training WRX version 3

by Steve Bijok

An update of the immensely popular Training WRX. Nearly double in size, updated and vastly expanded to take in new technologies, The Subaru Performance Handbook is a must for any Subaru enthusiast.

Great information on:

  • Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Braking
  • Intake & Exhaust
  • Engine Management
  • Turbo charging
  • ...& more
  • Lots of illustrations and pictures.

342 pages

Part No: 53314

Price :$79.95 inc GST

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Traction Action

Traction Action: Classic Drag Racing 1970-1984

by Jon Van Daal

Jon Van Daal has been known to take the odd photograph - In fact he has been taking photos of all forms of motorsports for over thirty years. His real passion has been for taking photos of drag racing and this is his first book on the straight-line sport titled "Traction Action".

200 black and white photos of the classic period in Australian drag racing's history 1970 through to 1984 when Sydney's Castlereagh International Dragway closed. Many of the photos are taken there as well as the old Surfers Paradise Raceway.

Some of the great names in Australian drag racing started out through this period,

  • Jim Read,
  • Bill & Norm Oakey,
  • Santo Rapisarda

just to name a few.

  • Funny Cars,
  • Top Fuellers,
  • Australian Pro Stock
  • and the most amazing crash sequences.

164 pages - soft cover mono throughout

Part No: 53373

Price :$39.95 inc GST

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Jaguar Wiring Diagrams

by Bradley McLean

Bradley McLean was an unashamed Jaguar fanatic. In his opinion, there are two types of people in this world, Jaguar enthusiasts and those that wanted to be!

Apart from being a very talented automotive engineer, Brad was also an excellent technical illustrator.

In this book, Brad has created a simplified series of wiring diagrams for:

Jaguar Series I1968-1974
XJ6 2.8 litre
XJ6 4.2 litre
XJ12 5.3 litre
Jaguar Series II1974-1978
XJ6 3.4 litre
XJ6 & XJC 4.2 litre
XJ12 & XJC 5.3 litre
Jaguar XJS1975-1989
V12 5.3 litre & 6.0 litre
XJS-HE 5.3 litre
XJS 3.6 litre & 4.0 litre

The detail is extraordinary and has to be seen to believed - a must for any Jaguar enthusiast.

soft cover 92 pages

Part No: 5325X

Price :$59.95 inc GST

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Australia Dictionary of Motoring

The Australian Dictionary of Motoring

  • Do you know what chuggle or cinicity is?
  • Who goes twocking?
  • Who won the 2001 Australian Grand Prix?
  • How did the terms 'pole position' and 'lemon' originate?

The answer to these questions and just about anything else you may want to know about any automotive subject can be found in The Australian Dictionary of Motoring.

A fully updated version of the acclaimed Macquarie Dictionary of Motoring, it has been released under a new name, with 9,400 head words, 440,000 text words and 596 illustrations.

The most complete reference book on Australian motoring ever, The Australian Dictionary of Motoring covers component descriptions, new technology, motor sport events (and results), industry terms, styling phrases, early and recent Aussie car-makers and marque histories.

Virtually all motoring expressions are used, including jargon, obsolete terms and slang. There are also descriptions of the specialised terms expressions in motor sport, automotive trades and car factories.

Eminently browsable, it combines fascinating information on motoring matters with precise definitions of terms used in both traditional engineering and new technology. Other entries range from the pioneer journeys that conquered Australia to a description of how in-car satellite navigation works.

Compiled by Pedr Davis the 464-page, large format book is the largest and most comprehensive motoring dictionary ever assembled.

PS: Chuggle is a word coined by engineers to describe an engine with bad surge caused by combustion instability.

Part No: 3004

Price :$69.95 inc GST

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Phillip Island A history of motor sport since 1928

Phillip Island: A history of motor sport since 1928

By Jim Scaysbrook

Today Phillip Island is recognised as one of the world's leading Grand Prix circuits; host to the annual MotoGP, World and Australian Superbike Championships, as well as V8 Supercars and national level motor racing of all kinds. In line with international requirements, the circuit and its facilities are in a state of constant development. But few of the hundreds of thousands of spectators and race personnel who flock to the circuit each year are aware that the history of motor sport on the island goes back nearly 80 years.

It was back in 1928 when the Light Car Club of Australia and the Victorian Motor Cycle Union staged the first races over unsealed public roads near Cowes. The car event assumed the title of the Australian Grand Prix and was held annually until 1935, while the bikes raced on the 10.57 kilometre course until 1940. That circuit is still largely intact today, and a drive (or ride) around it serves as a reminder just what daredevils those pioneering racers were.

The circuit as we know it today was hacked out of dense scrub by enthusiasts belonging to the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC). It took years of hard work before the track was officially opened in December 1956. Since then, the track has closed, seemingly for good, on two occasions, and endured plenty of highs and lows along the way. Thankfully, the arrival of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in 1989 set the circuit on a path to glory that continues to this day.

Phillip Island. A history of motor sport since 1928, is a new 256 page hardcover book that records racing in all its various forms in the past 78 years. From the choking dust and pot-holed roads on the old street circuit to the early primitive existence at the 3 mile circuit and on to modern times, this book paints a colourful picture of one of the greatest motor sporting shows on earth. As well as descriptions of the more prominent events, there are pen-portraits of the major characters and hundreds of pictures from the main photographers of the day.

This is Bathurst-based author Jim Scaysbrook's seventh book on the subject. For the past 25 years, Jim's profession has been as an advertising copywriter, but he has contributed articles to motor sport magazines since 1966 and today his work is syndicated throughout the world. He has raced motorcycles since 1965, competing on the world motocross stage and also in road racing at the Isle of Man TT. A brief flirtation with car racing in the late 1980s saw him in Clubman and Formula Ford events.

Phillip Island. A history of motor sport since 1928, is published by Bookworks.

Hard Cover - 256 pages - colour throughout

Part No: 53306

Price :$59.95 inc GST

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Hey Charger

Hey Charger: The story of the Valiant Chargers of Australia

By Gavin Farmer & Garry Bridger

Conceived in secret, the Chrysler Valiant Charger rocked the motoring fraternity when released in 1971. As Wheels magazine "Car of the Year" and supported by the brilliant advertising campaign "Hey Charger", this car was destined to be an automotive icon.

This book has been extensively researched and covers the development and evolution of the Charger, the model range in detail and the cars glorious history with special attention to the racing history in Australia and New Zealand.

Soft cover 192 black & white plus 64 colour pages

Price :$49.95 inc GST

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Australia's Motorcycle Heritage

Australia's Motorcycle Heritage: New updated Edition to 2003

by Jim Scaysbrook

Over 50 Years of personalities, performances and products.

From 1946 to 2003, this beautifully produced large format coffee table style book with it's 384 glossy colour pages, documents the rich motorcycle heritage over three generations in Australia.

The index alone contains the names of thousands from the super heroes to those whose presence was brief although significant. Detailed descriptions of motorcycles and many forgotten racing circuits.

Hard Cover large format 384 pages colour throughout.

Price :$59.95

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Ford Falcon GT: 1967-2004

Ford Falcon GT: 1967-2004

By Ewan Kennedy

Based on the popular Spotlight on Falcon GT, this newly updated book offers 200 pages of specifications,

Identification information, lots of original photographs,Road tests, Brochures, Advertisements, and Press releases

soft cover 200 pages black & white 8 colour

Price :$49.95

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Bikes & Bathurst

Bikes & Bathurst: A History of racing at Bathurst since 1931

by Jim Scaysbrook

Bathurst is world renown for motorsport and this book offers a wonderful account of the rich motorcycling history attached to the Bathurst curcuit.

Full of pictures and facts, this book incorporates a remarkable collection of archival material up to the end of a great era. 320 pages full of pictures, lots of colour, coffee table style format - Hard cover

Price :$79.95

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Brock Commodore


By Barry Lake

Peter Brock may be most famous for his motor racing but a strong following of his special Holden cars still exists.

In 200 pages, Barry Lake compiled specifications, Identification information, Original photographs, Road tests, Brochures, Advertisements, and Press releases. soft cover

Part No: 53314

Price :$45.00

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David Mackay's Scuderia Veloce

David Mackay's Scuderia Veloce


David Mackay has a unique place in the post-WW2 history of motor sport in Australia. He is one of the most widely known names in motor racing, yet his role in shaping the sport in post-war Australia is still largely unrecognised.

In this book he writes very much as the "expert advisor" having not only been a motoring writer for magazines and daily newspapers, but also a trial driver and navigator, winner of two major Australian racing championships , holder of an Australian land speed record and founder of Australia's first professional racing team.

Over 300 pages hard cover

Price :$89.00 inc GST

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Holden Torana Performance Handbook

Holden Torana Performance Handbook

by Eric Blair

Very little has been published on Holden's first real performance cars. This book offers terrific information for Identification and Authenticity and Factory details on every A9X ever built. Additionally it includes XU-1, L34 & A9X technical information plus the full specs on all hot Toranas.

164 pages soft cover

Price :$45.00 inc GST

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Holden Torana 1967-1980

Holden Torana: 1967-1980 - A Marque Classic Series

History - Road tests - Identification information - Original Photographs - Brochures - Advertisements - Press Releases

200 pages - Colour cover - soft bound

Price :$45.00

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BORGWARD: A most interesting post-WWII German car - includes Goliath, Hansa and Lloyd.

by Marius Venz

History - Road tests - Identification information - Original Photographs - Brochures - Advertisements - Press Releases.

204 pages, soft cover.

Price :$55.00

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